Building reinforcement Warsaw

zbrojenia budowlane warszawa
Building reinforcement is used in residential and industrial construction as a structural element.

Besides cutting metallurgical products, Zystal steel wholesaler also offers building reinforcement (prefabricated reinforcement). Modern, computer-controlled reinforcement machines perform prefabrication to produce all kinds of prefabricated elements in a wide range of diameters of deformed steel (in coils and straight).

We support large and small construction facilities to meet current housing and infrastructure construction trends; taking individual projects and orders into account, we deliver the manufactured reinforcements to the construction site. Based on the construction drawings, we prepare reinforcements, including reinforcement stirrups, straight bars, baskets, and piles. The bent rebars are mainly made of ribbed steel of the B500SP/B500B grade (A-IIIN strength class), with diameters ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm. Prefabricated reinforcements are made of the highest quality steel and have the required approvals and certificates. Our experienced crew will take on every order following the documentation provided by the client.

Prefabricated reinforcements in Warsaw

Zystal steel warehouse provides reinforcement products from well-known and respected manufacturers in the industry. We guarantee that all our prefabricated products come from reliable producers. Our steel warehouse is constantly restocking to ensure the continuity of supplies, thus responding to the needs of wholesalers and retailers.
The construction and prefabricated reinforcements are of high quality and made with precision, ensuring several possible applications on the site.

We carry out orders for construction and prefabricated reinforcements in the Masovian province. The person responsible for developing prefabricates is our specialist, Paweł Ostrowski. His contact information: phone number +48 577 726 309, e-mail

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