Galvanized pipes

rury ocynkowane - WarszawaZystal, a steel wholesaler, provides its clients with metallurgical products distinguished by the precision of workmanship and high durability. At Zystal, we have a wide range of products, including galvanized pipes, which are successfully used for transporting chemical compounds, gases, liquids, and other mixtures.

Using galvanized pipes

Our galvanized pipes are a universal component of many renovation and construction works, including plumbing systems in houses, apartments, or companies; they are also used in ventilation systems in buildings with, e.g., fireplaces.

Galvanized pipes have a highly durable structure. Thanks to the zinc coating, they are highly resistant to moisture, corrosion, and external factors, making them an integral part of numerous water supply systems.

Galvanized pipes for drinking water provide clean and safe water. Galvanized water installation is required for drinking water because it does not rust; thus, the rust does not get into the water used for drinking or cooking. However, one should remember that the zinc used to protect the surface of pipes against corrosion does not withstand temperatures higher than 60 degrees.

Galvanized pipes in Warsaw

We transport the products to designated places in Warsaw and surrounding areas. Zystal also provides its customers with cut-to-size services performed with due attention to detail to ensure that the galvanized pipes meet the individual needs of our clients. Our knowledgeable staff helps our customers find the best fit for a project or their specific construction needs. 

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