Tees and double tees

teowniki staloweSteel tees are sections with a cross-section similar to the letter “T.” Tees are used in the production of machines and as structural elements on construction sites.

Double tees

Double tees are sections whose cross-section has the shape of two letters “T,” and their vertical lines touch. Double tees are used as load-bearing elements in civil engineering structures. Rolled double tees have different dimensions, significantly affecting their wide range of applications.

Double tees of the IPN, IPE, HEB, HEA, and HEM types are available for sale, 80mm to 1000mm high. Commercial lengths range from 3 to 18 meters.

Hot-rolled tees Warsaw

Zystal steel products wholesaler, located in the Warsaw metropolitan area, offers a wide selection of steel tees and double tees. While hot-rolled tees and double tees are an essential part of our assortment, as a wholesaler, we offer much more: construction bars, closed steel sections, steel pipes, and so on.

All products are of high quality and at competitive prices. We sell wholesale and retail. We guarantee the continuity of supplies and the reliable quality of the products. 

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